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For Healthy Teeth’s Sake, Stop Chewing Ice! – Augusta SmileCare

THERE’S A GOOD REASON dental health professionals warn their patients not to chew ice. This habit can cause serious and permanent damage to teeth and ...
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Childhood Tooth Injuries Are Preventable! – Augusta SmileCare

MINIMIZING THE RISK of childhood tooth injuries starts with knowing the most common causes of those injuries. Babies and toddlers are most likely to injure ...
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Oral Cancer Screenings Should Be a Priority! – Augusta SmileCare

THE AMERICAN CANCER Society estimates that there will be over 54,000 new oral cancer cases just in 2024. In recent decades, the survival rate of ...
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What Do Different Cultures Do With Baby Teeth? – Augusta SmileCare

WE DENTAL HEALTH professionals tend to be big fans of the Tooth Fairy. We can remember leaving a baby tooth under the pillow and looking ...
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Learn About Three Dentistry Heroines – Augusta SmileCare

WOMEN FACED AN uphill battle establishing themselves in many career fields, dentistry included. That’s why, for Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating three pioneers for women ...
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Tips for Teaching Kids to Floss – Augusta SmileCare

ON THE LONG list of things parents need to teach their kids in childhood is proper flossing, but plenty of adults don’t know the best ...
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